Biography Engl.

Diamond's Garden is a country/rock band formed in Portugal in 2021.

It consists of only two members so far: Little Michel and his wife, Karin Michel. The two emigrated from Switzerland to Portugal in 2020.
Isolated from Covid, they started making music together in the garden. That's why they came up with the name.
The songs they write are the diamonds that were created in their garden.

Little Michel has played in several bands and gained a lot of experience.
Karin Michel played the trumpet in her youth in the music club.

Since they wanted to bring the instruments together, they created a rocky country that makes them special in that way. They combine the old traditional
of the trumpet with the modern sounds of the guitar. The lyrics are written together and the finding of melodies is also done in collaboration, mostly in the garden.

Little Michel produces all the songs himself. So he plays the drums, the bass, the guitars and the piano, not to forget the vocals, which also come from him.
Everything is done in his own home studio. The trumpets and cornet are played by Karin Michel.
So in 2021 the first song was born: In your Hands. The next song followed at the same time with: Truble Roads.
Since Little Michel and Karin Michel were still moving in Portugal, there was a little break with producing new songs. When everything was back in its
was back in place in the studio, they wrote the song: You take out to the windows in 2022, as a reminder of their move.

We are curious what new songs will come from the two of them.

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